Whether you are a professional computer user or a home user, you must know the value of a file. That file can be either a document, excel sheet, PowerPoint presentation, Image, Video, MP3, etc. Let us imagine a situation that you are working on an important project, which is about to be completed. You have to deliver the file in coming 24 hours. Suddenly power has gone due to which your system goes down. When you restart the system, you find that the file on which you have been working is not at the location where it should be. Read more about How to recover an accidentally deleted file »

Hard disk drive is a critical component of your Windows installed computer for storing important data and software installation. You can store large amount of data on your hard disk drive and easily manage the same. For easy and effective management of your precious data on that hard disk drive, you can divide your hard disk into number of partitions. Creating partitions will let you prevent situations resulting in severe data loss, when your operating system crashes. Read more about Repairing Hard disk drive using recovery software »

USB flash drives, better known as pen drive are very handy storage devices. When you plug the flash drive in the USB port, it detects it as a removable drive and assigns a drive letter to it. Although these low power consuming drives are quite popular as these are cheap and small but corruption leaves nothing in the world of computers. Corruption of USBs might occur due to virus infections, human errors, power outages, damaged operating system etc. During such conditions, you should consider using a third party data recovery software.
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There are some limitations of FAT32 file system with Windows Operating Systems. So whenever these limitations are crossed your system gets corrupt and you need recovery software to get it recovered. Read more about Some Limitations of FAT32 file system »

There are times when virus corruption, accidental disk formatting or reformatting make all your data stored on hard disk inaccessible. In such a situation the only solution that helps you out is efficient recovery software. A prudently chosen recovery tool recovers every bit of data from the corrupt, formatted, reformatted or deleted partitions. Read more about Perform data recovery in the easiest manner with recovery software »

I have seen many people asking the question on various forums that “my hard disk has been accidentally formatted. What can do to recover my data now?”. Accidental formatting of hard disk can leave every user in trouble, as this issue is concerned with major data loss. The user can lose all files, folders and program stored on the accidentally formatted hard disk. Read more about What to do when the hard disk is accidently formatted? »

Have you formatted your pen drive having thousands of important photos? You also do not have any backup of those photos so you are panic now. You want those photos back as soon as possible. Do not worry! In this article, you will know about the process of getting lost photos back. Before we start depicting the process of retrieving photos back, we provide you the tips that can save you from any kind of data loss, which you have stored in pen drive. Following are the tips that you should always remember: Read more about Recover Photos from Pen Drive »

At times when you start your computer, it may not start successfully due to particular boot up process related issues. When you use fixboot command to solve the boot issues, it might change your file system from NTFS to FAT and might make your entire hard drive partitions and data inaccessible. Such behavior causes partition loss and you need to opt for partition recovery solutions to recover the inaccessible or lost data. In a practical scenario, when you try booting your Windows XP Professional computer, the process might halt with the following error message: Read more about FixBoot Command changing Windows Partition from NTFS to FAT »

FAT32 file system has various advantages over previous drives therefore, converting existing drives to FAT32 drives is a beneficial step. FAT32 drives not only supports larger drives but utilized the disk space more efficiently. Being flexible FAT 32 drives enable easy location on the drive. When you work with Windows 95 OSR2, Windows 98, and Windows Me, the FAT 32 drive automatically gets created. Read more about How to create FAT32 drives? »

Restore points are generated by system protection features for restoring system files at the time of unmanageable system crash. However, restore points are essential to restore data in any disastrous situations but you can remove those restore points that does not contain recent updates. In fact, you can remove all restore points except the recent one to make restoration easy. Read more about How to remove all System Restore points except the most recent one »